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Here you will find the Basque photography of Jon C. Hodgson.
There are hundreds of photos of Basque Culture:


About the Photographer

Jon C. Hodgson is Basque American who lives in New Jersey. His passion for photography began as a child growing up on the island of Jamaica. Since then he's taken tens of thousands of photos on subjects ranging from Basque Culture, Firefighters, Travel, Disc Golf, Glamour, Weddings, Concerts, Events, Portraits and Corporate Photography.

His photos have been published in newspapers, magazines, books
and on many websites and blogs.

Jon's photojournalistic style ensures he captures the emotion and
energy of each moment, creating bold and moving imagery.


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My Basque Photos Have Been Featured:
Oinkari Basque Dancers 50th Anniversary Book
Collage: Applebee's Restaurant (Boise, Idaho)
Mural: Leku Ona Restaurant (Boise, Idaho)
Book Cover: A Travel Guide to Basque America
Various BMCC Publications

Oinkari Basque Dancers
50th Anniversary Book

Pays Basque Magazine


Leku Ona

A Travel Guide to
Basque America

Basque Museum
and Cultural Center

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